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Margaret "Marge" Dietz Marty
[8-30-1900 St. Loui, Missouri; 11-6-56 Three Lakes, Wisconsin]
    Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin

Margaret Dietz Marty
Aug. 30, 1900 - Nov. 6, 1956

Jane McKenna comments: "
I do believe Mom (Marge's sister-in-law) visited (three Lakes) more than once.  She felt very sad when Marge died.  I remember.  We went to the funeral."

Jane McKenna, later, further comments: "It makes me  sad about Marge. I remember her.  She was always nice to us girls.  Her funeral was in Monroe.  I remember how handsome Mike was in uniform.  I was quite young for a funeral.  Quite an impression."

Paul Fitz-Gibbon comments: I always looked forward to seeing Aunt Marge from the time that I was 4 or 5 until her last year.

No one worked harder at the Northernaire than Aunt Marge.  Usually, every morning, she could be found in the hot, humid laundry doing all the hotel laundry for that day.

She gave me an unexpected gift in early 1956: a very fine Omega Seamaster watch; possibly for managing the Northernaire while Ann Jankovic, the long time manager, was on vacation in Florida; more likely just from the goodness of her heart. I will always remember Marge's courage through difficult times and her genuine concern for others.

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